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Long Lost Update

Well... here I am posting in the ol' livejournal.

I've been out of work for almost a month.  Yes that is correct.  True story:  I was headbutted by a retarded guy with a mullet.
Resulting in concussion a la Post Concussive Syndrome.
The upside to all this is.... Because I'm not working and work is not sucking the life out of me ... I'm finally getting the mental energy I need back.  I'm enjoying life again.  I'm doing things like - reading, cleaning the house, lj-ing etc. - things I cannot seem to get done when i function as a normal working adult.

In other news... I've fallen in love with my chiropractor.   I had never seen a chiropractor before... and I have no idea why.  Prior to my injury I had some lower back pain.  If I rode anywhere or sat on the couch too long, even getting up in the morning I was in pain, and would walk as if I were cripple.   I felt cripple.  I just accepted the pain, figured it was just something I had to deal with. I was convinced I just had early onset of arthritis.  I was fat.  I started taking MSM. Ha - I'm 26 & resigned to the fact I just had to live in pain.... Thats outrageous, I'm sorry.

My first visit to the chiropractor, he popped my saccrum back into place and no pain... well minimal pain... I'm no longer hunched over and cripple upon standing.  My main gripe is... why don't doctors, as in family physicians, suggest chiropractic work?   It's been my only relief after this injury.  If I hadn't sought out the treatment on my own (or upon recommendation of a friend) I would still be suffering a whole heck of a lot more. Me = Totally fed up with standard Western Medicine. I could rant for hours.

In other news.  I bought a blender.  I'm a smoothie queen.  My favorite concoction of late:
Juice of 2 oranges
Juice of 1 pear
Blended with - 1 banana, 3 or 4 strawberries, handful of raspberries
1 tbsp Raw coconut butter
1 tbsp chia seeds
drizzle of Raw honey

Hello goodness... I've been having these for lunch.

More "other news"... am back to school. Go me!


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Sep. 4th, 2008 02:04 pm (UTC)
i've been going to the chiropractor since i was little, and i have found them to be able to help but it only seems to help for a little bit. kinda like massages! still, i wonder why so many people think chiropractors are quacks.

so, i'm wondering...how does one get the juice out of one pear?

and lastly, welcome back! (again):)
Sep. 4th, 2008 04:05 pm (UTC)
you know its funny that i wrote pear.... because i didn't juice a pear at all.... i juiced a peach. However i picked up a pear in the store the other day... and i put it back... maybe my body is saying i need pears... no? Anyways... I have one of these .
Got it real cheap when linen's and things only had one left on display. I love it... but it can be a pisser to clean... if you are lazy like I. I've been trying to eaat more and more raw foods. I'm convinced this is the only road to my wellness.

I was reading up on chiropractic... and its just one of those things one can always use over the course of ones life.... kinda like massage i guess. I'm very grateful for it though.

and lastly ...thanks (again). heh.
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