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Ups and Downs....

Life is good right now... I'm enjoying Starbucks on a Saturday morning.... catching up on blogs, news, planning for the semester.  I'm having fun watching all the people come and go.  And... it's actually warm for a day in mid-january - in the 30's I think.

The past couple days I've been finding myself soooo hungry.  I have been eating the same as usual, but I've been famished.  Yesterday I had a bit of a binge... but I still ended up under 2000 calories, so I'm okay.

Stayed up texting my best friend all the places and things I wanted to eat (she's on a diet too).  The list was long and obscene, but it made me feel better and I ended up going to bed satisfied.

Actually got some excercise this week too... took my friends dogs for a 3 mile walk... felt good even though I froze.  Even jogged part of the way... okay a very small part of the way.

I'm excited for the semester to start... I have about 18 credits left until I graduate... so this is a good thing.  I'd like to get it all done but I think I'll end up spreading and taking 3 or 6 credits in the summer.

I have had good news.  My boyfriend is from Haiti... but all of his family is safe.  Their house is safe... everything around it collapsed including schools.  I think part of my wanting to binge has been from watching these newscasts and feeling so helpless.  So anyways... thoughts and prayers to Haiti... 


Jan. 17th, 2010 05:07 pm (UTC)
It must be a relief that your bf's family is alright and that they still have their house and all. Those people have been really affected, for sure.

And great thing your binge was under control. ;)



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